What QA matters?

All matters relating to software quality assurance and testing – this blog is intended to share my experiences. thoughts, opinions and musings on quality assurance, testing, development processes, tools and techniques. In the hope that I can improve or positively influence your experiences with software quality assurance and testing.

Why Does QA Matter?

Quality Assurance matters because without it we face a world of buggy software and systems that will often fail in ways that are harmful or incur some form of cost that we would rather not pay.

My first post attempts to answer this question in more detail.

Who am I?

Stuart Ashman

Hi, I’m Stuart Ashman. I am currently working as the Director of QA at Vision Critical, a market research software and services company. I have been working in a variety of roles involving testing and quality assurance for over 20 years.

I started off testing flight deck instruments and progressed through GSM network operations software, Unix Operating Systems and Lights Out Management Firmware, into Anti Virus and Anti-Spam software and appliances, finally spending a short period of time testing cloud provisioning and control software before entering into my current position.

I am passionate about quality assurance, efficient and lightweight process and defect prevention.

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